Maybe Worry Just A Little Bit...

7:58 AM

 My friends and I were talking the other day about what our "life mottos" should be (this is a normal conversation topic, right?) It was actually at a party where all the girls ended up eating together and the guys ate dinner in the other room (jr. high style) even though we're all (kind of) grown-ups. And I momentarily left the ladies' life-motto-conversation to go grab a beverage in the other room...where the guys' conversation was apparently "what kind of car you want to be driving if you're trying to outrun the cops." It became so clear how the gender-separation happens at parties...and I quickly retreated to the lady-life-motto room.

ANYway, thinking about life mottos reminded me that months ago, I cut out a stencil with the words "Worry less" and then never did anything with it. Apparently I was trying to remind myself that I don't need to fret about things as often as I do, and I liked the idea of a reminder-stencil to that effect. Maybe it's my life motto for a while. I managed to dig up the stencil and I thought I should spray the words on a piece of wood (because, you know, that's what I do now.) I probably should have thought it out more, but that seemed contradictory to the stencil's message. I just started painting, and the stencil totally failed. It was super messy. I could have taken my time and tested the stencil beforehand, but nooooo...I was determined not to worry about it...
My new life motto is "worry less, unless it results in a low-quality art project."
On an unrelated note, if I was outrunning the cops, I would drive a Ford Mustang.

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