7:48 AM

The Henrietta stencil is making another appearance!
I know, this probably isn't very exciting for anyone who's never heard of Henrietta Mears...But I just love this stencil so much (mainly because I can't get over the fact that I was actually able to accurately make a stencil of a person's face!) I found an old tote bag lying around and I thought it could look cool with Henrietta hanging out on the side of it. The size just happened to be perfect, with her portrait taking up most of the bag. This is the kind of project where I'm just giggling to myself the WHOLE time because it's so clearly ridiculous, yet so much fun.
 I spray-painted this in my garage, which my roommates have so graciously allowed to be our my workshop for the past three months (and maybe forever.) I know I should probably clean up in there, but I admit that every time I walk in, and I feel a sense of pride - like "This is what a garage should look like..." But maybe someday we'll want to park in there. For now I am just THRILLED to have a workshop!
 Even a really messy one.

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  1. i am in LOVE with everything you do with henrietta on it! the coffee mug... the tote bag... ugh i LOVE it! :)


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