Society 6!

7:46 AM

This is a big day for me! I'm very pleased to officially debut my online shop at Society 6
I've (barely) had an etsy site for about a year now, and I was always rather discouraged with it (and now it's gone.) It took me so long to photograph everything and write descriptions, and then in the end I found myself praying that no one would buy anything so that I didn't have to deal with shipping it out! Maybe I'm just too lazy for etsy...but now I've discovered Society 6 and I'm never looking back! They take a cut of the sales, but all I have to do is upload the artwork and they handle the printing and shipping for me! Now this I can get used to. AND I get to put my art on fun things like iphone cases and tote bags and sweatshirts - things I could never do on my own!

Occasionally Society 6 runs artist promotions, and there's one going on this week! 
Click here to visit my shop AND get $5 on whatever you order through November 11th!
But no pressure. I just like that you're here. Honest.

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  1. So let's say that someone wants a kids' size shirt? Is that an option with Society6?

    1. Alas, Society 6 does not offer kids sizes...such a shame!


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