Searching for Sympathy

7:45 AM

I’ve realized (since most of my close friends are parents of young children now) that there are a few things I just shouldn't say around them any more. And at the top of that list is the phrase “I’m tired.” Because as soon as I say it, I get the (playful, teasing, loving) response of “Oh, really? Did crying babies wake you up last night?” or “Oh no, did you have to get up before 7:30?!” with mock sympathy. But I get it. I totally get it. Because the second that one of my wife-friends is lamenting about how her all-star-amazing-doting-wonderful husband is gone for ONE DAY and she’s lonely…geez. My sympathy meter is at like a 2%. Know your audience, people. I think that's the lesson learned here today.

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