My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad at my side:

My family takes gingerbread houses very seriously. 
My mom bakes them and then the whole house smells so yummy!

My parents and I watched several episodes of Downton Abbey together (which made me incredibly happy) but at one point when the cast photo popped up on the DVD menu, we realized that my dad couldn't actually keep all the characters straight (to his credit, there are like 20 main characters on this show.) So I stood by the TV like a teacher and clarified things until he could tell everyone apart. 

 Discussing Skyfall, the new James Bond film, with a good friend of mine. Part of what I love about movies is discussing them afterwards, and she's a great movie-discusser.

Working on a fun art project with another friend of mine:

 After being gone for over a week, I was finally back with my roommates so we celebrated with a night on the town (renting a movie and in bed by 10. Party animals!)

 ...And dinner with another friend the next night! 
I know, not too many riveting sketches in here this week...
Maybe next week I'll try to rob a bank or something to spice things up.

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