My Week in Sketches

7:54 AM

Anyone else still have a turkey hangover?
Here's my week in sketches:

Playing with some of my friends' kids (and working on a pretty complex puzzle):

I played a game called "Dicecapades" with some friends, and while everyone kept drawing pictionary cards (my favorite), I kept drawing cards with tasks like "Arm wrestle the person on your right." I did not win.

I came home to my parents' house and my mom and I went to lunch with our sweet neighbors:

 On Sunday, my work had a staff retreat in Ojai, 
which is conveniently located 20 minutes from my parents' house. 

This sketch was to remember a particularly good conversation I had with a coworker (in my bunk at our retreat.)

My friend and I went to see the fifth Twilight movie, which I'm not super-proud of. 
We both kept rooting for the theater lights to dim so that no one would recognize us there.

 And then my mom and I had a fun pre-Thanksgiving-chaos shopping day, complete with Starbuck's and Panera (our favorites!), and we wrapped up the day with some Downton Abbey.

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