My Week in Sketches

7:47 AM

Here's my week in sketches!

Sandwich night with my friends...The helpers in the kitchen made the sandwiches to order and then yelled "Order up!" when they were ready. (I meant to draw this guy cupping his mouth while he hollered, not caressing his ear.)

 I think I must have been pretty tired when I drew this...
It signifies that I both bought a pumpkin and played tennis on the same day:

Pumpkin carving! I carved a ninja turtle, 
which was nothing compared to my friend's painted-bedazzled-cat.

Last weekend in church, my friend's five-year-old and I kept winking at each other in the middle of the service, and it was just the cutest. She was so proud of her winking abilities. I'm secretly a really big fan of winking.

Every so often, I pass one of my roommates on the way to work. They're nurses, so sometimes they work the night shift and they're heading home right when I'm starting my day! 

After working together for six years, I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite coworkers last week as he moved on to another job.

And to celebrate Halloween this roommate and I went to see a movie!
We saw Cloud Atlas, which actually seemed rather appropriate since every character is wearing costumes and scary makeup.

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