My Week in Sketches

7:50 AM

Day 313! I can't believe it. On the home stretch! Here we go!

This is the conversation that happens after every time I take a sip of wine (which, in my opinion, tastes like pure gasoline):

One of my favorite friends came to visit and we played the night away... 

The next morning, my roommate sprained her ankle but we were just soooo thankful that it wasn't broken! And we had a fun day hanging out at Urgent Care.

On Sunday I hung out with a friend, and she decided to maybe get a tattoo. Next thing I know, we're in a tattoo parlor...We ended up leaving tattoo-less, but it made for a memorable afternoon.

My roommates and I love Revolution (the TV show, not the political movement.)
I think I love watching it mostly because it's the one show that we all watch together.

As my friends were (lovingly) reminding their 3-year-old (again) to keep eating her dinner instead of chatting, she quietly thanked me for talking to her (in the most pitiful little voice, as if she was really saying "nice knowing you" and heading into solitary confinement or something.) It was an adorable little moment.

I drew this all weird, what with the shoulder-touching and all...and my legs are like an optical illusion where I can't tell if that's my right leg or left leg on top...The point of this sketch was just to remind myself of the meeting I had at work this day, and how much I like my coworkers.

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  1. Holy crap, the one of Iris is my favorite.

    1. Her voice is just at that perfect stage where everything she says is ADORABLE.


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