My Week in Sketches

7:50 AM

Last Thursday I had a very traumatic experience when I got a shard of chip stuck in the roof of my mouth, which then started bleeding. It was gross but funny, and we spent the rest of the evening jokingly reminding each other to beware of chip shards.

I went to a Needtobreathe concert last week with some friends:

And I got to go to my friend's baby shower the next day.

 I was sick on Sunday. And it was hot. 
So I just laid in a heap on my bedroom floor to be directly under the ceiling fan.

I spent two days quarantining myself in sickness...Every now and then I would stick my head out the window to remember what outside felt like.

 This is me watching the presidential election. 
I might be developing a small crush on news anchor Brian Williams.

 And this is me sawing a few inches off a table. It didn't fit in the alcove where we wanted it, so I was like "Hey, I'll just cut a few inches off the ends!" I might have been a hillbilly in another life. (Oh, and I should mention that this was a free table I found on the side of the road.)

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