Happy Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims!

7:58 AM

In honor of this joyous holiday, I thought I'd feature a piece of artwork by my younger self. This is a drawing of my family (Mom, Dad, me, dog, and goldfish) as a family of pilgrims. But the twist is, they're all dreaming of what their future selves would be like...or at least, somehow they're imagining non-pilgrim versions of themselves. It's pretty deep stuff. 
I think it's funny that I threw an apostrophe after "Colonial Ludes" when I think what I was really going for was "Colonial Ludeses"...which feels a little weird to write. But hey, in a drawing where my pet fish is wearing a top hat and my dog is wearing a bonnet, the spelling of "Ludeses" should be the least of my concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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