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Sooooo....confession. I have a tiny little pet peeve. No big deal. But I kind of can't handle it when people put frames up in their house and then never actually put photos in the frames. Like, it's just the black and white photos of strangers that came with the frame. Forever. I mean, I know it's not my place to judge...I think it's just that I love photos so much that I can't believe there's a photoless frame crying out to be filled. It's like a tiny little mini-tragedy. So you can imagine my concern when I realized one of my friends had a frame-collage up in her room where 8 out of 9 frames were filled, and then one was a stranger with a cowboy hat and pigtails:
"Why haven't you filled that with an actual photo?!" I nagged every time I came to visit.
(I know, she's so lucky to have me as a friend, where she's subject to this kind of treatment.)
She always just shrugged and laughed it off, and while it didn't actually bother me, I still felt like I needed to take matters into my own hands. So I did what any normal person would do:

I took a picture of the cowgirl photo.
I went home and took my own photo of myself in a similar pose. 
Got the photo printed.
Waited patiently for two months until I got to visit her house again.
Then slipped into her room and replaced the cowgirl photo with the picture of myself.
This is totally normal behavior, right?
It took three weeks for her to notice, at which point she called me and we had a good laugh. She said she's going to keep my photo in the frame, which I like to think is a big improvement over the cowgirl. 

Somewhere in this process it briefly occurred to me that if I put this much effort into anything remotely worthwhile, I could probably change the world...but I'm too busy doing things like this. Where would I ever find the time?

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  1. life needs as many unexpected joys as possible -- laughing-mom


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