My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad at my side:

My family takes gingerbread houses very seriously. 
My mom bakes them and then the whole house smells so yummy!

My parents and I watched several episodes of Downton Abbey together (which made me incredibly happy) but at one point when the cast photo popped up on the DVD menu, we realized that my dad couldn't actually keep all the characters straight (to his credit, there are like 20 main characters on this show.) So I stood by the TV like a teacher and clarified things until he could tell everyone apart. 

 Discussing Skyfall, the new James Bond film, with a good friend of mine. Part of what I love about movies is discussing them afterwards, and she's a great movie-discusser.

Working on a fun art project with another friend of mine:

 After being gone for over a week, I was finally back with my roommates so we celebrated with a night on the town (renting a movie and in bed by 10. Party animals!)

 ...And dinner with another friend the next night! 
I know, not too many riveting sketches in here this week...
Maybe next week I'll try to rob a bank or something to spice things up.


A Boy and his Dragalindabeast

7:42 AM

This is a little boy and his new pet. I call it a "dragalindabeast." (Just go with it. We're playing make-believe here.) As a kid I was never into making up imaginary friends, and sometimes I feel like I missed out on something there. I'm just saying, I think I could have dreamed up some pretty cool imaginary friends if I wanted to. Like this purple guy. I know he looks a little menacing, but don't worry - dragalindabeasts are totally harmless. I mean, how frightening could they really be with the woman's name "Linda" in the middle of it?! Also, they're vegetarian.


My Kind of Vandalism

7:52 AM

If I were a vandal, this is the sort of shenanigan that would be right up my abbey alley.
If I could throw my scruples to the wind, I would run around cities looking for signs with the word "Downtown" on them, and then spraypaint "Abbey" underneath (in honor of Downton Abbey, the only greatest British television show I've ever seen.)


7:51 AM

Lately I've been enjoying drawing little cartoon cities...
It always reminds me how I'm never going to live in New York City ever, ever, ever, never, not ever, ever, never.


Gobble Gobble Gobble.

7:41 AM

I think it's funny how much "gobbling" takes place on Thanksgiving...
It's almost like we're trying to speak turkeys' language.


My Week in Sketches

7:54 AM

Anyone else still have a turkey hangover?
Here's my week in sketches:

Playing with some of my friends' kids (and working on a pretty complex puzzle):

I played a game called "Dicecapades" with some friends, and while everyone kept drawing pictionary cards (my favorite), I kept drawing cards with tasks like "Arm wrestle the person on your right." I did not win.

I came home to my parents' house and my mom and I went to lunch with our sweet neighbors:

 On Sunday, my work had a staff retreat in Ojai, 
which is conveniently located 20 minutes from my parents' house. 

This sketch was to remember a particularly good conversation I had with a coworker (in my bunk at our retreat.)

My friend and I went to see the fifth Twilight movie, which I'm not super-proud of. 
We both kept rooting for the theater lights to dim so that no one would recognize us there.

 And then my mom and I had a fun pre-Thanksgiving-chaos shopping day, complete with Starbuck's and Panera (our favorites!), and we wrapped up the day with some Downton Abbey.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Pilgrims!

7:58 AM

In honor of this joyous holiday, I thought I'd feature a piece of artwork by my younger self. This is a drawing of my family (Mom, Dad, me, dog, and goldfish) as a family of pilgrims. But the twist is, they're all dreaming of what their future selves would be like...or at least, somehow they're imagining non-pilgrim versions of themselves. It's pretty deep stuff. 
I think it's funny that I threw an apostrophe after "Colonial Ludes" when I think what I was really going for was "Colonial Ludeses"...which feels a little weird to write. But hey, in a drawing where my pet fish is wearing a top hat and my dog is wearing a bonnet, the spelling of "Ludeses" should be the least of my concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Arm Wrestle

7:44 AM

Not that strong. This is what it's like when I'm trying to win arguments with God.
He always wins.


Li'l Superpowers

7:40 AM

You may have caught on to the fact that I'm pretty obsessed with superpowers.
I'm still kind of hoping that one day I'll awake and realize I have a newfound ability (Come on, telekinesis! Come on, telekinesis!) So naturally, today's drawing is of a little tyke realizing he can...make glowy smoke come out of his hand? I meant for this to be slightly cooler than it came out.



7:55 AM

Sooooo....confession. I have a tiny little pet peeve. No big deal. But I kind of can't handle it when people put frames up in their house and then never actually put photos in the frames. Like, it's just the black and white photos of strangers that came with the frame. Forever. I mean, I know it's not my place to judge...I think it's just that I love photos so much that I can't believe there's a photoless frame crying out to be filled. It's like a tiny little mini-tragedy. So you can imagine my concern when I realized one of my friends had a frame-collage up in her room where 8 out of 9 frames were filled, and then one was a stranger with a cowboy hat and pigtails:
"Why haven't you filled that with an actual photo?!" I nagged every time I came to visit.
(I know, she's so lucky to have me as a friend, where she's subject to this kind of treatment.)
She always just shrugged and laughed it off, and while it didn't actually bother me, I still felt like I needed to take matters into my own hands. So I did what any normal person would do:

I took a picture of the cowgirl photo.
I went home and took my own photo of myself in a similar pose. 
Got the photo printed.
Waited patiently for two months until I got to visit her house again.
Then slipped into her room and replaced the cowgirl photo with the picture of myself.
This is totally normal behavior, right?
It took three weeks for her to notice, at which point she called me and we had a good laugh. She said she's going to keep my photo in the frame, which I like to think is a big improvement over the cowgirl. 

Somewhere in this process it briefly occurred to me that if I put this much effort into anything remotely worthwhile, I could probably change the world...but I'm too busy doing things like this. Where would I ever find the time?


My Week in Sketches

7:50 AM

Day 313! I can't believe it. On the home stretch! Here we go!

This is the conversation that happens after every time I take a sip of wine (which, in my opinion, tastes like pure gasoline):

One of my favorite friends came to visit and we played the night away... 

The next morning, my roommate sprained her ankle but we were just soooo thankful that it wasn't broken! And we had a fun day hanging out at Urgent Care.

On Sunday I hung out with a friend, and she decided to maybe get a tattoo. Next thing I know, we're in a tattoo parlor...We ended up leaving tattoo-less, but it made for a memorable afternoon.

My roommates and I love Revolution (the TV show, not the political movement.)
I think I love watching it mostly because it's the one show that we all watch together.

As my friends were (lovingly) reminding their 3-year-old (again) to keep eating her dinner instead of chatting, she quietly thanked me for talking to her (in the most pitiful little voice, as if she was really saying "nice knowing you" and heading into solitary confinement or something.) It was an adorable little moment.

I drew this all weird, what with the shoulder-touching and all...and my legs are like an optical illusion where I can't tell if that's my right leg or left leg on top...The point of this sketch was just to remind myself of the meeting I had at work this day, and how much I like my coworkers.


Good Deeds

7:58 AM

It's been a while since I've drawn Cartoon Jesus having a chat with me in his little white toga...
Looks like Cartoon Annie still has a lot to learn.


"Do you mind if I sketch?"

7:48 AM

I saw this art print on Society 6 and thought it was so clever! So I decided to make my own version for myself...I just think it's so adorable how the little doodles come off the pencil in place of smoke! Not that I'm endorsing smoking. I am, however, endorsing sketching, drawing, and doodling with my whole heart.

Searching for Sympathy

7:45 AM

I’ve realized (since most of my close friends are parents of young children now) that there are a few things I just shouldn't say around them any more. And at the top of that list is the phrase “I’m tired.” Because as soon as I say it, I get the (playful, teasing, loving) response of “Oh, really? Did crying babies wake you up last night?” or “Oh no, did you have to get up before 7:30?!” with mock sympathy. But I get it. I totally get it. Because the second that one of my wife-friends is lamenting about how her all-star-amazing-doting-wonderful husband is gone for ONE DAY and she’s lonely…geez. My sympathy meter is at like a 2%. Know your audience, people. I think that's the lesson learned here today.


7:54 AM

We're going simple today. Just some city doodles laid over some watercolor action.
It makes me want to draw a whole town of little buildings some time soon...but this will have to do for now.


My Week in Sketches

7:50 AM

Last Thursday I had a very traumatic experience when I got a shard of chip stuck in the roof of my mouth, which then started bleeding. It was gross but funny, and we spent the rest of the evening jokingly reminding each other to beware of chip shards.

I went to a Needtobreathe concert last week with some friends:

And I got to go to my friend's baby shower the next day.

 I was sick on Sunday. And it was hot. 
So I just laid in a heap on my bedroom floor to be directly under the ceiling fan.

I spent two days quarantining myself in sickness...Every now and then I would stick my head out the window to remember what outside felt like.

 This is me watching the presidential election. 
I might be developing a small crush on news anchor Brian Williams.

 And this is me sawing a few inches off a table. It didn't fit in the alcove where we wanted it, so I was like "Hey, I'll just cut a few inches off the ends!" I might have been a hillbilly in another life. (Oh, and I should mention that this was a free table I found on the side of the road.)


Star Wars VII

8:06 AM

Anyone else excited for the new Star Wars movie to come out in a few years?! I know I am. Brace yourself for a lot of Star-Wars-themed sketches in the years to come. This drawing was inspired by the thought of what it would be like to have an aged Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford back in their iconic roles...especially when Carrie Fisher is now known for being a teensy bit unstable these days.


Mr. President

7:35 AM

This is not a political statement in any way, shape, or form...I simply thought now was as appropriate a time as ever to take advantage of how easy Obama is to caricature with those ears of his.

My thoughts on politics can be found here or here or here.

Society 6!

7:46 AM

This is a big day for me! I'm very pleased to officially debut my online shop at Society 6
I've (barely) had an etsy site for about a year now, and I was always rather discouraged with it (and now it's gone.) It took me so long to photograph everything and write descriptions, and then in the end I found myself praying that no one would buy anything so that I didn't have to deal with shipping it out! Maybe I'm just too lazy for etsy...but now I've discovered Society 6 and I'm never looking back! They take a cut of the sales, but all I have to do is upload the artwork and they handle the printing and shipping for me! Now this I can get used to. AND I get to put my art on fun things like iphone cases and tote bags and sweatshirts - things I could never do on my own!

Occasionally Society 6 runs artist promotions, and there's one going on this week! 
Click here to visit my shop AND get $5 on whatever you order through November 11th!
But no pressure. I just like that you're here. Honest.


Jesus: Restorer

7:46 AM

This is the third and final video in a series (let's call it a "trilogy" for dramatic effect) I helped create this past summer. It's my favorite. Even though the "Revolutionary" one took a lot more time and effort, but this is the one that I love the most. Out of the three, this is the only one that came out exactly like I hoped it would. We didn't mess up, there's nothing I would go back and change, I love how it's edited...and I was just so happy the day we filmed it, so proud and amazed that this giant bit of stenciling could actually be a success in one long take! It was one of the most terrifying challenging art projects I've ever done, so it's so cool for me to have had it be documented like this. The point of the video, of course, was not to document it for my personal needs - so check it out for yourself!:

You can watch the first two videos of the series here and here.


My Week in Sketches

7:47 AM

Here's my week in sketches!

Sandwich night with my friends...The helpers in the kitchen made the sandwiches to order and then yelled "Order up!" when they were ready. (I meant to draw this guy cupping his mouth while he hollered, not caressing his ear.)

 I think I must have been pretty tired when I drew this...
It signifies that I both bought a pumpkin and played tennis on the same day:

Pumpkin carving! I carved a ninja turtle, 
which was nothing compared to my friend's painted-bedazzled-cat.

Last weekend in church, my friend's five-year-old and I kept winking at each other in the middle of the service, and it was just the cutest. She was so proud of her winking abilities. I'm secretly a really big fan of winking.

Every so often, I pass one of my roommates on the way to work. They're nurses, so sometimes they work the night shift and they're heading home right when I'm starting my day! 

After working together for six years, I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite coworkers last week as he moved on to another job.

And to celebrate Halloween this roommate and I went to see a movie!
We saw Cloud Atlas, which actually seemed rather appropriate since every character is wearing costumes and scary makeup.

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