Work in Progress...

7:57 AM

So...this is a work in progress.
Lately I've become rather obsessed with Stanley Chow's artwork and I keep trying to replicate it (poorly.) I just love his style! I go to his website and browse through all the images at least once a week. But the one image he's totally lacking is a 30 Rock portrait! So I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm artsy, I'll just create my own!" thus leading us to this distorted version of Alec Baldwin where he looks a little constipated. It's those eyes. I have to keep working on the eyes. And maybe his mouth. And the rest of him.

This is what my screen looked like in Adobe Illustrator when I started out...
I just re-used the basic shapes I created for Katniss and Peeta, so it looked kind of funny for a while there:

It evolved:
Don't worry, I'll turn that Katniss into Liz Lemon soon enough!

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