Once Upon A Television

7:39 AM

I confess. I'm totally addicted to the TV show "Once Upon A Time." I know it's a little on the silly side...there are fairies and dragons and magic and all sorts of things that I feel ridiculous explaining to a non-Once-Upon-A-Time fan. But still, somehow, I've found that it's one of my favorite shows. One that I look forward to all week. I think it just comes down to the fact that I want to be best friends with Ginnifer Goodwin. Okay, okay...and I like fairytales. I was at my parents' house last night as the "Once Upon A Time" premiere was airing, so my mom and I watched it together. But before that, my mom and I had this long conversation about all the characters, with her asking thoughtful questions about who's-related-to-who and who the bad guys are...and I just love that she's interested in everything I'm interested in. Even Rumplestiltskin and magic potions.

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