My Week in Sketches

7:47 AM

Here's an illustrated look at my week:

Thursday night dinner with my friends! It never gets old.

 Vonette Bright, whose late husband Bill Bright founded Campus Crusade, came and spoke at Forest Home recently. It was cool to hear her tell stories about Bill and Forest Home and Henrietta Mears.

 Practicing watercolor technique while watching a James Bond movie. 
Those two things always go hand in hand, right?

 One of my roommates bought an incredibly heavy dresser, and then we realized we couldn't get it upstairs between the three of us...So we enlisted the help of our friend, Cameron, who practically carried that thing up the stairs himself. I was useless. I just kept giggling the whole time at how funny it was that the darned thing was so heavy.

 Tennis tennis tennis. My roomies and I play tennis ALL THE TIME and it's wonderful.
Absolutely wonderful.
 My roommates and I watch a lot of Downton Abbey. If we ever have a funny lull in the conversation, one of us typically breaks the silence with "So, Downton Abbey?!" and we go watch it and pretend we're British.

 And last but not least, I got to see my friend, Sarah, this week for the first time since she got married...

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