My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

 I spent 10 hours straight in an underground lair parking garage last week getting set up for the Youth Specialties conference. Once the booths were all set up, it wasn't so noticeable that the "exhibition hall" was in a parking garage...but that set-up-day was a long one.

 The conference allowed me time to hang out with several friends that I don't get to see often enough. That was the highlight for me!

 And the next night I went out to dinner at Stacked for the first time,
which was a really fun experience. You order food from an ipad. Oooooh, so hip.
(Shannon, I'm so sorry I couldn't draw you better!)

 During the conference, my main task was to draw on mugs, as I've mentioned...It was a very fun task, but by the last day of the conference, my hand was starting to cramp and I was ready to not draw on mugs for a day or two.

Back home! My roommate and I had a fun roommate-date-night...Tennis and dinner and a movie.  

 I had Tuesday off from work and that meant that I finally had time to finish unpacking my room from when I moved (six weeks ago!) Now it looks like a desk instead of a cardboard-box-holder.

  When I was in college, wireless internet was a fairly new thing. None of my roommates ever knew how to set it up right. And it never just worked. I had to learn all about routers and default gateways and ip addresses and all sorts of things that a 20-year-old girl shouldn't have to know...but when our internet stopped working this week, and I was the only one who knew how to fix it, it all almost seemed worth it.
Don't ask me why I drew myself shouting "Still got it." Geez...I really am this dorky. I can't help it.

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