My Week in Sketches

7:57 AM

Here's what my week was like, in sketchy illustration:

I love when my friends' kids learn "tricks." 
Especially when that trick is fiercely flexing little arms with zero muscle definition.

 I went to my parents' house again last weekend. My dad was out of town, which typically means there's a higher volume of HGTV being consumed than when he is in town (and we watch baseball!)

My mom and I visited with our sweet neighbor, this wonderful woman who watched me grow'd think I was one of her own, she gets so excited to see me. 

I like going to church with my mom (and Dad when he's not off playing in a softball tournament!)

 I got to have lunch with my friend, Alison. She made me try her tofu salad. Bad idea.

For better or worse, my roommates and I tend to stay up talking at night because we can't pull ourselves away from each other at the end of the evening...which is great and all, until I feel like a zombie the next morning...

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  1. Thanks for memorializing the Mom/Daughter/HGTV relationship. :-)

  2. So... I'm way behind in my Annie Ink viewing, and just caught this one! The tofu salad is AWESOME - that's right... it's it's so good, it's all-caps-worthy. :)

    1. We're totally in agreement except instead of "awesome" I would use the word "tolerable."


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