...I Know.

7:56 AM

Sometimes I think things are cool when no one else does...This might be one of those times.
 I recently made a "decor" choice in my room that is probably pushing me a liiiiittle closer to eternal nerdiness. I mean, on some level it feels like I've crossed a nerdy line and there's no turning back. It started when I saw these on pinterest:
They're silhouette frames of Han and Leia (uh, from Star Wars, if that needs explaining) and below the two silhouettes are the lines "I love you" and "I know" from their iconic moment in Empire Strikes Back, right before Han gets carbonited.
I fell in love with the idea of hanging those silhouettes in my room!
I had two 11x14" frames that I didn't know what to do with, and they became the perfect placeholders for my little Star Wars lovefest. I hung them up right next to my favorite artwork (the treehouse print by Invisble Creature) and now I feel like my room is finally complete. This is the bit of wall right above my desk, so it mattered to me that I could look up and see things that make me happy and (at the risk of sounding artsy-fartsy) inspired.
 I just love these guys. 
But I'm sure they already know that.

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  1. did you make the prints yourself, or did you purchase them? If you purchased them, who from? i can only find them in 5x7, and i was hoping for the size that you have.

    1. I did make the prints myself, though I obviously copied the idea!


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