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Happy Halloween!
 I got to carve a pumpkin for Halloween this year! I think I forgot to last year, which is a real shame. I enjoy carving pumpkins very much. This year a bunch of friends and I carved pumpkins together - how it ought to be done! I decided I was going to carve a ninja turtle:
It's a little on the simle side, but I didn't want to take on anything too difficult when I was at a party with friends. This could have easily turned into "Have you seen Annie?" "Yeah, she's been over there carving a pumpkin for like five hours." I didn't want to be the anti-social one who took pumpkin-carving too seriously. So I went with the ninja turtle.

It looks infinitely better when it's lit up!

This was our group's final display:
Please don't fail to notice that one of my friends painted and bedazzled a cat on her pumpkin.

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  1. I thought I recognized Annatello glowing at me....Ninja Mom


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