The Writing's on the Walls

8:04 AM

I moved recently, and I'm still in the process of getting my room unpacked and situated! One of the biggest hang-ups for me (literally) is that I need to get pictures and art up on the walls. I have all these frames lying around my floor right now, and I never seem to be able to find the time to hang anything. And since I don't want to make a million holes in the walls while I try to make up my mind what should go where...I thought it would be fun to do some pre-planning. I drew out the four walls of my room like this:
(So the edge of the far left wall is actually touching the edge of the far right wall...
I drew the four walls of my bedroom as if I unfolded them.) I decided that my lines weren't straight enough and I was going to get annoyed with myself really fast if I had to keep drawing and re-drawing walls every time I wanted to create a new draft. So then I hopped into Photoshop and created these guys real quick:
Once I had these blank templates, I started drawing different versions of what should go where.
Frames, shelves, lighting...I liked toying with different locations for the different things I own.
It wasn't until after I had happily been at this for an hour that I realized this is a little bit crazytown. I mean, who does this?! It would seem that I'm really obsessed and going to a lot of work over something as silly as room's just that I love this! I had so, so much fun planning all this out. I've been living in a mountain cabin with 100% wooden walls for the past six years and now I finally have a room (and house) that I can paint and decorate and make my own. You'd better believe I'm gonna' take my time and plan that out.

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  1. I don't think this is 'crazytown'! This used to be what I was paid to do ;)
    Maybe your true calling is Interior Design!

  2. PS: My suggestion would be not to put any shelving above your bed. Not very 'earthquake safe'. That's the only professional advice I'll force on you :)

    1. You're right! I came to that conclusion yesterday as I bonked my head into a light that I hung just above my bed, and I realized that shelves would only complicate things...even without an earthquake.


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