8:03 AM

Look what I made! I know this isn't my typical sketchy-doodley artwork, but I built and stained this pallet shelf and I just LOVE it! I've been kind of obsessed with pallets since I did an art project with them earlier this year, and I've been wanting a way to work them into my home somehow. This is it! I admit I copied it from Pinterest, but everyone copies everything from Pinterest, so it's allowed.

This is the one I saw on Pinterest - which, truthfully, I still like a little better than mine:

I know this isn't a home-decorating blog, and I'm sad that I haven't had my usual doodle-time in recent weeks. To be honest, I think part of the reason why is because my roommate and I have become obsessed with tennis and we play every day after work. My doodle time has been replaced with tennis time! Pretty soon this is going to become a tennis blog. Just kidding. Maybe. 

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    1. You should come over some time so you can see it more! (I'll use any excuse I can think of to hang out with you...)


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