My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

Here's a sketchy look at my week:
This is me playing with a magna-doodle with some of my friends' toddlers. Love those kids! You know, until they try to grab the magna-doodle pen. "No, no, sweetie, this is my toy..."
Sometimes I feel funny about only drawing good things in my sketch journal - like I'm drawing this fun, fantastic life that doesn't really reflect the full spectrum of life, with good days and here's a sketch for you. It's me shoving all my piles of junk under my bed so my landlord wouldn't judge me when she came over. This is real life.
 Got to hang out with a friend in Redlands, where I live now, and we went to all these local shops and just made me really excited to live in Redlands! I'm a local now. Oh, and yes, there's really a place called "Muffin Top".
I built this little number in my garage... 
I used to be able to go home on my lunch breaks, but now that I've moved, I typically drive into the forest and play guitar in the back of my car or by the creek. It's not a bad alternative.
P.S. I'm not really left-handed. Artist error.
 I've been playing tennis like crazy, all the time, every day, with my roommate. I got a new pair of sporty shorts for all our tennis-playing, and I made sure they had pockets...but they're butt-pockets. So I look RIDICULOUS when I have tennis balls in them. And to top it off, they're a really stretchy material, so they hold like 8 balls back there. It's the least-flattering thing you can imagine.
 I love when the power's out at work because sometimes it means I get to work down the mountain! It feels like a special treat.

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