My Week in Sketches

7:48 AM

Here's a look at last week a.k.a. the busiest, most hectic week of my life:
Maybe I exaggerate...but seriously, moving is STRESSFUL!
Okay, this part wasn't anxiety-inducing. Last time I visted my parents, my mom sent me home with some old fabric and lace that we don't really have a use for any more, and I let my friends take what they wanted. (They sew, I don't.)
 ...Aaaaaannnd here comes the anxiety! 
We visited our new house on Friday, only to discover that the electricity hadn't been turned on like we thought, and we'd have to go through the weekend without electricity. The long weekend.
  Moving day! Nothing makes you feel loved like having friends who are willing to sacrifice their Saturday to help you move heavy appliances and like 700 boxes.
 My roomies and I got new appliances for our house!
 I promise I didn't actually shout "We'll take them!" with my hand in the air like a moron.
  Still no electricity = Still no air conditioning. My patience was wearing thin by this point. We spent the first three nights in our new house sleeping slumber-party-style on the living room floor because upstairs was hot like a fiery furnace.
 This is me, collapsed on my knees, rejoicing that our electricity was finally turned on. 
 And to wrap up the week, my friend and I went to see the movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"...which, I'm sorry to say, was pretty bad. We laughed a lot throughout it, but not in the good way. 

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