Birthday Blast from the Past

7:49 AM

My mom planned some pretty great birthday parties for me in my childhood...Typically I would get to pick a theme and then she would figure out how to make it happen. My mom is so wonderfully creative - I might have taken it for granted a bit, but I think I appreciate it more and more as I get older. Yesterday at my parents' house, I was struck by this drawing that's been hanging in their garage for the last twenty years:
It's faded a bit now, but it's from my "county fair" birthday party. If you won tickets in the "gaming booths" we had set up (like a bean-bag toss or something), then you could use your ticket to go the face-painting station. I just love that my mom had me draw the signs for the different stations (and that a few of them still hang in our garage to this day!) I love how homemade it is, not all fancy-schmancy-pinterest-birthday-homemade, but ME-homemade. And I won't mind it hanging in our garage a little while longer.

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  1. my favorite part of this is the "Good Time Ticket" stuck on top.

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