My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

Here's a sketchy look at my week:
This is me playing with a magna-doodle with some of my friends' toddlers. Love those kids! You know, until they try to grab the magna-doodle pen. "No, no, sweetie, this is my toy..."
Sometimes I feel funny about only drawing good things in my sketch journal - like I'm drawing this fun, fantastic life that doesn't really reflect the full spectrum of life, with good days and here's a sketch for you. It's me shoving all my piles of junk under my bed so my landlord wouldn't judge me when she came over. This is real life.
 Got to hang out with a friend in Redlands, where I live now, and we went to all these local shops and just made me really excited to live in Redlands! I'm a local now. Oh, and yes, there's really a place called "Muffin Top".
I built this little number in my garage... 
I used to be able to go home on my lunch breaks, but now that I've moved, I typically drive into the forest and play guitar in the back of my car or by the creek. It's not a bad alternative.
P.S. I'm not really left-handed. Artist error.
 I've been playing tennis like crazy, all the time, every day, with my roommate. I got a new pair of sporty shorts for all our tennis-playing, and I made sure they had pockets...but they're butt-pockets. So I look RIDICULOUS when I have tennis balls in them. And to top it off, they're a really stretchy material, so they hold like 8 balls back there. It's the least-flattering thing you can imagine.
 I love when the power's out at work because sometimes it means I get to work down the mountain! It feels like a special treat.


8:03 AM

Look what I made! I know this isn't my typical sketchy-doodley artwork, but I built and stained this pallet shelf and I just LOVE it! I've been kind of obsessed with pallets since I did an art project with them earlier this year, and I've been wanting a way to work them into my home somehow. This is it! I admit I copied it from Pinterest, but everyone copies everything from Pinterest, so it's allowed.

This is the one I saw on Pinterest - which, truthfully, I still like a little better than mine:

I know this isn't a home-decorating blog, and I'm sad that I haven't had my usual doodle-time in recent weeks. To be honest, I think part of the reason why is because my roommate and I have become obsessed with tennis and we play every day after work. My doodle time has been replaced with tennis time! Pretty soon this is going to become a tennis blog. Just kidding. Maybe. 

Hills & Horizons

8:02 AM

This is one of my latest creations.
I don't often paint landscapes, but I enjoyed this quite a bit!
I'll have to remember to paint on random pieces of wood more often... 

Ron Howard

7:58 AM

Look, it's the narrator from Arrested Development! (Just kidding, Mom, I know he's Opie.) Ron Howard was one of the presenters at the Emmys on Sunday, and watching him - I was suddenly struck with the thought that he must be incredibly easy to caricature. Something about those endearing blue eyes...It turns out that, yes, as a matter of fact, he is quite easy to caricature. And the bright red hair made it easy!



7:46 AM

I sketched this out in church yesterday...
Maybe some day I'll learn to be less resistant to change!

(Oh, and this is a metaphorical picture of me and Jesus, not me and some really tall hippie. Just clarifying.)


My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Here's a sketchy recap of my week:
Camping with my friends! I think there were 29 of us total, 13 of whom were 5 and under.
Lots of dirt and naps and marshmallows. It was a great time!
We went for a fun bike ride on's the first time I've ridden my bike in YEARS.
Fortunately, riding a bicycle is, riding a bicycle.
There was this cute moment on Saturday, when I wasn't feeling very well - I was slumped in my camp chair and I realized that Macyn, my friends' adorable little daughter with down's syndrome, was staring at me with wide eyes, as if concerned...she manuvered her way through the crowd of toddlers without looking away from me, then reached up tenderly and moved a strand of hair that had blown into my face (and I was too tired/lazy to fix it myself.) For some reason this sweet little moment stuck with me, and I just wanted to remember and cherish it. Such a sweet girl!

This is me going through camping withdrawls.
It felt weird to be home and clean and not surrounded by toddlers.

I played tennis throughout high school and really loved it, and I haven't really played since. But my new roommate and I have started playing and it's SO FUN! There's been a sports-shaped-void in my life since high school. I LOVE sports and it's so good to be playing again!
 Just a typical pleasant evening with my roommates...laughing over camp memories, planning house parties, and crushing on the Property Brothers twins.
I got to spend an afternoon at work this week outside in the sunshine, perched up on a cliffside. Days like that make me extra-grateful to work in the mountains, and I know I won't have too many days outside before it starts getting cold!

Jesus: Healer

8:00 AM

This is another video I helped create this summer! It's sort of a sequel to the "Revolutionary" video I posted last month. Forest Home's high school camp was focusing on different aspects of Jesus each night of summer camp, and this video helped illustrate Jesus as a healer.

I was asked to create 315 different street-art-vibe posters (one poster for every word in the script!) and then we plastered them up with a gooey homemade substance called "wheatpaste" (something I now know far too much about, after boiling vats of it in my kitchen for this project!...)

The Writing's on the Walls

8:04 AM

I moved recently, and I'm still in the process of getting my room unpacked and situated! One of the biggest hang-ups for me (literally) is that I need to get pictures and art up on the walls. I have all these frames lying around my floor right now, and I never seem to be able to find the time to hang anything. And since I don't want to make a million holes in the walls while I try to make up my mind what should go where...I thought it would be fun to do some pre-planning. I drew out the four walls of my room like this:
(So the edge of the far left wall is actually touching the edge of the far right wall...
I drew the four walls of my bedroom as if I unfolded them.) I decided that my lines weren't straight enough and I was going to get annoyed with myself really fast if I had to keep drawing and re-drawing walls every time I wanted to create a new draft. So then I hopped into Photoshop and created these guys real quick:
Once I had these blank templates, I started drawing different versions of what should go where.
Frames, shelves, lighting...I liked toying with different locations for the different things I own.
It wasn't until after I had happily been at this for an hour that I realized this is a little bit crazytown. I mean, who does this?! It would seem that I'm really obsessed and going to a lot of work over something as silly as room's just that I love this! I had so, so much fun planning all this out. I've been living in a mountain cabin with 100% wooden walls for the past six years and now I finally have a room (and house) that I can paint and decorate and make my own. You'd better believe I'm gonna' take my time and plan that out.


Cool Sweatervest, Dude.

8:04 AM

I was just thinking about hipsters and how funny it is that now guys wear old-man-clothes and it's "hip." They're all plastered from head to toe in cardigan sweaters and loafers and hats with brims...I think on some level this drawing is just me poking fun at that. Like, "Cool sweatervest, dude. You look so hip, I'm going to instagram your outfit. And tweet it. And then pin it to pinterest." Ahhh, kids these days...just too darn easy to make fun of.

Oh My

Spaghetti Arm

8:07 AM

Don't you just hate it when your arm turns into pasta without warning?!
I know, it's so messy to clean up.


My Week in Sketches

7:42 AM

My week in sketches!
I hang out with a bunch of friends every Thursday, and last week ALL 13 of their children were together for the first time. I think eleven of them are 3 or younger. It's a party. It's also a little tricky to keep track of them all!
 Last Friday I got to have dinner with my cousin and his wife,
and meet their cute little daughter for the first time.
My mom and I had a fun day of shopping...
 I went to my friends' concert since it was in my Ventura hometown!

I got to go to a taping of the show Conan on Monday, which was wonderful.
We got to sit in the front row and felt like we were really important.
 I painted my new bedroom this week. It made such a difference!
The room went from peach to a light sage green (my FAVE.) Now I can call it mine.
 And then I started packing for my upcoming camping trip!
My friends and their 8 million 13 kids are all camping together this weekend.
It's going to be so great. I'll sketch you all about it.

Friends with Kids

7:41 AM

A few days ago, this happened:
I thought it was such a funny moment, to have my friend excited that she could "sleep in" until 7am. It was just such a telling sign that she's the mom of young children (and I'm not.) I'm still in the life stage where sleeping in typically means you're in bed a liiiiittle past 7am. Like 10:30, maybe.

Justice Mercy Humility

8:04 AM

Okay, today's post is not exciting. I'm warning you. Like, makes-me-reconsider-if-I-should-even-have-a-blog-if-this-is-all-I-have-to-show-for-myself-unexciting. But here we are. These were two "rejects" from a brainstorming session form when I was asked to create a design with the words "justice, mercy, and humility." These were early on in the brainstorming process and we went in a different direction, but sometimes I still think it's interesting to look back at where I started.


7:37 AM

Conan O'Brien is somebody who should be ridiculously easy to caricature. It's like every single one of his facial features is distinctive in some way, just begging to be exaggerated into a caricature...and yet, I never feel like I'm able to draw him as successfully as I would like. I like that these two are really cartoony, as opposed to more trying-to-be-realistic ones I've done in the past. I got to go to a taping of Conan's talk show yesterday, which was SO FUN! I love TV tapings so much. It's sort of an addiction. We even got to sit in the front row! 


Birthday Blast from the Past

7:49 AM

My mom planned some pretty great birthday parties for me in my childhood...Typically I would get to pick a theme and then she would figure out how to make it happen. My mom is so wonderfully creative - I might have taken it for granted a bit, but I think I appreciate it more and more as I get older. Yesterday at my parents' house, I was struck by this drawing that's been hanging in their garage for the last twenty years:
It's faded a bit now, but it's from my "county fair" birthday party. If you won tickets in the "gaming booths" we had set up (like a bean-bag toss or something), then you could use your ticket to go the face-painting station. I just love that my mom had me draw the signs for the different stations (and that a few of them still hang in our garage to this day!) I love how homemade it is, not all fancy-schmancy-pinterest-birthday-homemade, but ME-homemade. And I won't mind it hanging in our garage a little while longer.


My Week in Sketches

7:48 AM

Here's a look at last week a.k.a. the busiest, most hectic week of my life:
Maybe I exaggerate...but seriously, moving is STRESSFUL!
Okay, this part wasn't anxiety-inducing. Last time I visted my parents, my mom sent me home with some old fabric and lace that we don't really have a use for any more, and I let my friends take what they wanted. (They sew, I don't.)
 ...Aaaaaannnd here comes the anxiety! 
We visited our new house on Friday, only to discover that the electricity hadn't been turned on like we thought, and we'd have to go through the weekend without electricity. The long weekend.
  Moving day! Nothing makes you feel loved like having friends who are willing to sacrifice their Saturday to help you move heavy appliances and like 700 boxes.
 My roomies and I got new appliances for our house!
 I promise I didn't actually shout "We'll take them!" with my hand in the air like a moron.
  Still no electricity = Still no air conditioning. My patience was wearing thin by this point. We spent the first three nights in our new house sleeping slumber-party-style on the living room floor because upstairs was hot like a fiery furnace.
 This is me, collapsed on my knees, rejoicing that our electricity was finally turned on. 
 And to wrap up the week, my friend and I went to see the movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green"...which, I'm sorry to say, was pretty bad. We laughed a lot throughout it, but not in the good way. 


8:44 AM

I'm so excited about these! Okay, maybe not these two exactly, but I'm excited to make cooler and better things with these "three" phrases. I'm kind of excited any time I actually come up with something by myself, instead of just stealing borrowing ideas from other artists. Anyway, I just moved into a house with two other girls, and I was trying to think of what artwork would work in there for us...and these phrases came to mind. I like them even more because I'm an only child, so I was raised in a family of three. And let me tell you, three can be great company.  



8:24 AM

This sketch is kind of like an inside joke with myself...
Every time I see a store that sells "Boba", I think it's selling Star Wars Boba Fett accessories.
But it's always just boba. Quite the disappointment when you're looking for bounty hunter eqiuipment.

Carson the Butler

8:03 AM

Today's post is probably not that interesting to you poor souls who don't watch Downton Abbey, but I felt like trying to draw Carson, the butler, from Downton Abbey. This is my attempt. It was so much fun to draw those eyebrows! And every time I see his profile while I'm watching the show, I have a hankering to draw his nose. Is that normal? In any case, this is Carson.

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