7:58 AM

I love the idea of "sleepsketching." You know, like sleepwalking?...I think sleepwalking is such an interesting thing. How do you walk around without waking up?! I used to sleepwalk. A couple times, when my dad encountered me in a sleepwalking state, he'd tell me something ridiculous like "Your middle name is actually Dolores" and see if I remembered it when I woke up. I never did, but I loved his hopeful face the morning after, as he excitedly asked me if recalled anything unusual from the night before...Anyway, I've never sleepsketched (I don't think it's really a thing) but I think it would be cool if I could. Maybe not on the walls. But I'd love to draw out my dreams as I'm having them. That'd be pretty cool. There'd be lots of sketches of flying, boys, and running from bad guys.

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