Nurse Roomies

7:40 AM

My new roommates are both nurses. I work at camp.
I can't help but notice the difference in what we do for a living.
Every time that they're describing some really serious, legit thing that they had to do at the hospital - maybe some sort of life-saving procedure - I have to fight the urge to chime in and say something obnoxious along the lines of "Yeah, my day was stressful, too! I had to design a poster for a fake band and I couldn't come up with a funny enough album title!" Or "I was trying to spraypaint but this squirrel just wouldn't leave me alone" or "My boss made me draw henna tattoos on his staff members' arms for like an hour this afternoon." For example. Their jobs are just sliiiightly more important than mine. I mean, important in that obvious, matter-of-life-and-death way. But my job is important, too. Without me, how would kids get attacked by a water-balloon-slinging lake monkey?! It's important in a different kind of way.

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  1. We all serve the Lord in different ways (proud-of-the-monkey-water-balloon-worker-Mom)


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