My Week in Sketches

7:43 AM

Here's a glimpse into my week!
I went to my parents' house again last weekend, though we didn't stay there for long...

 My dad had a senior softball tournament in San Clemente, and my mom and I went along to root him on! This is us having dinner the night before the tournament began:

Day one of my dad's softball tournament! Mom and I chatted, cheered, and worked on our tans.
Sorry Dad for drawing such a poor batting stance. You do much better in real life.

 Saturday morning was so wonderful - I got to have breakfast with a friend who lives in San Clemente. The breakfast was good, the conversation was better, and it put me in a good mood all day.

So by the end of the tournament, my dad had played 15 GAMES in three days. He's kind of a stud. You can say it. And clearly, he loooooves softball. 

It was nice to come home to my roommates after a long weekend...I felt like I hadn't seen them in ages!

I move tomorrow (YIKES!) and earlier this week I casually asked my friend Dustin if there was anything I might be overlooking in the moving process, anything I might have forgotten to think about...and as it turns out, yes, I had overlooked everything. It was a very educational conversation. 

This is one of my favorite sketches ever. My beloved coworkers are finally back in the office after a long summer of summer-camp-directing, and it made my heart so happy to have them back. Our first official meeting together consisted of a lot of laughter...and I know at some point I was wearing a horse-head mask.

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