My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

My week in sketches!

Sitting with friends, under the string lights, talking about big things:

Dogsitting. This dog collapses on the floor and begs for your attention the second you walk in the door. I can't say no.

Sneaking Chipotle into the movie theater = awesome.
(Though my purse might still smell like salsa...)

The ultimate roommate bonding time: watching Downton Abbey.

We finally heard back about the house we wanted to rent, and we got it!
We kept dancing around the room saying we were homeowners. It was a cute moment.

I went swimming with my friends, and the little 2-year-old was just so fearless, it made me laugh...
She can sort-of-swim, but that didn't stop her from trying (and Mom was very attentive, unlike my depiction here.)

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