My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

 My week in sketches!

This is me watching the Olympics with my new roommates:

House-hunting! My favorite! I loooooved looking at houses to rent.

This was another day of house-hunting, where we just drove around the area we want to live looking for "For Rent" signs. It was like a giant game of "Where's Waldo."

I went to a birthday party on Saturday! It was catered by a local Mexican restaurant and they provided a giant bowl of guacamole. You know how there's never enough guacamole at a party?! Not this party. Guacamole aplenty.

Oh, camp songs. Story of my life.
A bunch of friends came to visit camp and it was wonderful.
We sat in the back row of the same campfire circle where we all met on staff 8 years ago. 

The house-hunting continues...and this time, we may have found the place!
I mentally called "dibs" on my future room as soon as I saw it. (That totally counts.) 

...Aaaaand we started signing paperwork to rent the house! It's all very exciting. 
(Clearly I think it's a big deal, what with my "This is really happening" thought bubble and all...)

Playing a farewell round of the board game "Ticket to Ride" on my coworker's last day at work...
I never turn down a board game opportunity!

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