My Week in Sketches

7:42 AM

Last week I had dinner at my friends' house and they had a giant inflatable water slide. It was awesome.
I know it probably looks like I'm standing there by myself in this drawing, but there's three little munchkins hiding up at the top of the slide. I rolled balls up to them and it felt like a giant game of skeeball.

I had lunch with a friend. We ate salads and talked and saw "Total Recall," all of which were very enjoyable. 

I got to have lunch with my boss from summer camp 11 years ago! Still love that guy.

My new roommates officially moved in with me! 
It's wonderful how it all worked out.

 My roommates and I bought couch covers together. It was our first real "roommate purchase."

No matter how many times I've seen a bear running past my office window, 
I still get excited about it. It just never gets old.

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