My Week in Sketches

7:42 AM

Spent the weekend at home with my parents. Love it.
(And I accidentally drew my dad like he's from the seventies...)

Olympic opening ceremony? Yeah...we were watching baseball.
Watching the Olympics has never really been a tradition in our family. Baseball is.

Starbucks run with my mom!:

Back at home, and friends came to visit me at camp:

I'm getting so organized! Packing up my house one box at a time...

This was the cutest...My friend and I were at camp on Tuesday night, and the summer camp staffers realized that we were on camp staff eight years ago, when they were campers. Yes, it made us feel a little old, but it was pretty cool to be able to tell them that a lot of us are still very good friends.

I know this drawing isn't exciting. It's me cutting steak. Thrilling.
I have to prepare lunch for a group of people every Wednesday during summer. 
I refer to Wednesdays as "Steak Day" so it seemed appropriate to document it in my journal.

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  1. The Olympics are going on? Well, you could have requested that I turn the channel and I would have taken it under consideration...
    Baseball Dad


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