Helmet Anxiety

7:55 AM

I don't love wearing bike helmets. All your hair gets plastered to your head with sweat, and no matter how you adjust the straps, they never seem to feel quite right...It feels like you're carting around some 20-pound watermelon on your head. I want the wind blowing in my hair! But I can't stop thinking about those school assemblies where they'd bring in a mutilated bike to the cafeteria and show us "This is the bike that Timmy was riding when he was hit by a car. But because he was wearing a helmet, he survived." I swear, they must have brought that bike in like every two weeks to my elementary school. And you're just staring at the twisted scraps of used-to-be-bike metal in horror and it instilled sheer terror in me, to where I have to wear a helmet. I will always, always wear a bike helmet. I'm too scared not to. But I despise them. It's a love-hate relationship. This is a drawing of how cumbersome and heavy they feel. You know, right before it saves my life.

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