Flower Power

7:58 AM

I was just thinking about superpowers that would be really lame. Like shooting daisies out of your hands, for instance. That's a superpower that really wouldn't come in very handy. I always wonder about the X-Men...There had to be a few of them that showed up to Professor X's school for mutants that were like "My superpower is that my toes glow" or "My special ability is that I have very sensitive taste buds" or "I turn to stone when it rains on a Thursday." I'm sure Professor X had to filter out which mutants could actually be useful. I mean, if we believe that good superpowers exist, shouldn't lame ones exist, too? Boy, this whole conversation got a lot nerdier than I intended. But I felt the need to explain my thought process. What I can't explain is why the guy isn't wearing a shirt. Was he just cruising around with no shirt on? Or is that part of his superpower, that his shirt comes off as he shoots flowers out of his hands? On second thought, this superpower could be very effective on lady-villains...

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