Darth Father

7:48 AM

I confess, I've seen a few episodes of  The Maury Povich Show over the years. I'm not proud of it. I'm sure any time I was watching it, it's because there was nothing else on. Okay, maybe sometimes I used to watch All My Children on my lunch breaks, and I would flip to Maury during commercials. Maybe. I'm not saying this was a legitimate habit. Only sometimes, rarely, but then after you watch one soap opera episode, it's like I have to tune in tomorrow to see if Leo and Greenlee are gonna' make it out of that abandoned mine before Erica ruins Kendall's wedding by setting the chapel on fire... For instance.

Today's drawing is an illustration of what would have happened if they hadn't cut away after the iconic Star Wars line "Luke, I am your father...Seriously. I'm really your father. Let's go on the Maury Povich show if you don't believe me." Think of this as a deleted scene from The Empire Strikes Back. I'm sure George Lucas meant to include it. So here it is.

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