Zombie Attack

7:57 AM

This?...I don't know exactly what this is...
I know it was born out of the fact that I was at COMIC CON this weekend, and I kept walking past people dressed as zombies. To be clear, you could say that I don't "get" zombies. I don't understand the fascination. Someone at Comic Con this weekend mentioned that they think "Zombies are the new vampires" (such a Comic Con statement) and it made me giggle to think that people are just moving from one undead monster to the next (watch, next year everyone's going to be really into mummies!) Anyway, zombies scare me. I don't like them. Not one bit. Even at Comic Con, even if it's just a silly costume. I think that, even if someone was just playing around, if they come anywhere near me in a zombie costume, I will not be a good sport. No thank you. And I guess it would go down looking something like this drawing.

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