Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sombrerohhh, snap!

So....last Saturday, I'm sitting in the Comic Con convention center surrounded by people, many of whom are dressed up in superhero costumes...and then I notice this guy. There's a guy who's "dressed up" wearing a sombrero and a mexican poncho. That was his costume. At Comic Con. (If you're wondering if it was actually a costume or if it was just his outfit - I assure you, it was his idea of a costume. He was wearing a fake mustache made out of black paper.) The best part is that his friends were dressed up as Catwoman, Iron Man, and Thor. So they're all taking pictures together - it's like the Justice League or something, this great team of superheroes - and a guy with a sombrero. My friend and I laughed at this scene for a good long while.

But as I watched him, I couldn't help but wonder which one of us is better off in life...
The guy who has such blind confidence that he can happily wear whatever he wants and not care what anyone thinks? Or the girl that's self-aware enough to know that a sombrero doesn't count as a costume? It's a tough call...but you still won't catch me in a sombrero anytime soon.


  1. Uh...I know the guy in the sombrero.

    He's in on the joke. In fact, it's his joke.

    1. I love it! That makes it so much better.