7:51 AM

This is one of those things that's probably only funny to me...It's just that at Comic Con, as fun and marvelous as it is, you have to do a lot of waiting. I stood in a lot of lines this weekend. That's just how it is. There's a lot of nerds competing for the same spots in every panel and booth and signing. So we waited. In lines that were (quite literally) a mile long. And we sat. On the ground. For hours. We actually slept in line outside (yes, like crazy people) and it keeps making me think of the scene in "The Count of Monte Cristo" where we find out that Edmond still sleeps on the ground even when he's out of prison, because that's what he was used to after so many years...It's like that. I keep subconsciously thinking to myself, "Hey, it's weird I haven't had to sit on the ground at all today..." Like a crazy person. I'm telling you, it's PCCSD.

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