My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

I was happy I got to see my friend, Joel, last week!
I think this picture efficiently captures our friendship:

(In all reality, he's one of my favorites.)

I went to a Missy Higgins concert last Thursday and it was so fun! That girl can sing.
It reminded me that sometimes it's worth it to stand in a sweaty mob of people to hear some really good live music. Sometimes. I wouldn't say most of the time...but sometimes. Occasionally.

My new future roommates and I started the house/apartment search!
This is us touring our first place:

 Movie night with my friend, Meghan. I can tell how tired I was at the end of the night by what a rough sketch this is...

 I've lived in the mountains a long time, but last week was my first rattlesnake encounter.
It was lying flat in the road playing dead for like five minutes while I stared at it, and then in an instant, it was up and coiled and hissing and snapping at me. That single moment in time might be the most startled I've ever been. Bring on the bears and bobcats...just keep the rattlesnakes away from me. 

 My boss has a sort-of-secret incredible nerdy talent...he's amazingly good at painting miniature figurines.
Like, miniature game pieces or movie character figurines - he paints them by hand! Who does that?!
And he gave me a Boba Fett that he painted. I think it's so, so awesome.

It's wonderful to work at a camp that has its own coffee shop!
Morning coffee break with my friend, Sarah:

 Swimming with my friends and their kids! I'm such a child when I go swimming. I always want to wear my mask and do handstands and flips and stuff. I'm totally still an 8-year-old whenever I'm in the water. I never want to get out.

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