Big Foot

7:49 AM

Oh, you know, I just felt like drawing a hobbit today. One of those hobbit-drawing days.
I thought it would be fun to exaggerate his feet to be even bigger than normal hobbit-sized...and it was!



8:08 AM

I drew this a year or two ago, and I just came across it again recently...
I think I hesitated to post it before because it's just so cheesy, this image of little-girl-me with a dunce hat on...and that cheesy Jesus in his cliche white robe and hair that looks like he used a bad flatiron...but still, this sketch makes me smile when I look at it - like somehow, despite a lot of cheesiness and cliches, it symbolizes the grace I don't deserve.


My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

I was happy I got to see my friend, Joel, last week!
I think this picture efficiently captures our friendship:

(In all reality, he's one of my favorites.)

I went to a Missy Higgins concert last Thursday and it was so fun! That girl can sing.
It reminded me that sometimes it's worth it to stand in a sweaty mob of people to hear some really good live music. Sometimes. I wouldn't say most of the time...but sometimes. Occasionally.

My new future roommates and I started the house/apartment search!
This is us touring our first place:

 Movie night with my friend, Meghan. I can tell how tired I was at the end of the night by what a rough sketch this is...

 I've lived in the mountains a long time, but last week was my first rattlesnake encounter.
It was lying flat in the road playing dead for like five minutes while I stared at it, and then in an instant, it was up and coiled and hissing and snapping at me. That single moment in time might be the most startled I've ever been. Bring on the bears and bobcats...just keep the rattlesnakes away from me. 

 My boss has a sort-of-secret incredible nerdy talent...he's amazingly good at painting miniature figurines.
Like, miniature game pieces or movie character figurines - he paints them by hand! Who does that?!
And he gave me a Boba Fett that he painted. I think it's so, so awesome.

It's wonderful to work at a camp that has its own coffee shop!
Morning coffee break with my friend, Sarah:

 Swimming with my friends and their kids! I'm such a child when I go swimming. I always want to wear my mask and do handstands and flips and stuff. I'm totally still an 8-year-old whenever I'm in the water. I never want to get out.

Still Creating...

7:29 AM

This is a second design I created with the same phrase I blogged about on Monday.
It's also based on roughly the same design as a poster I blogged about a few weeks ago. After a while, I just start to copy myself and recycle all my old ideas and designs. It's inevitable. That's what's happening here. But all that being said, I still like this, and I like creating new things allllllll the time.


Tree of Life

7:48 AM

This is a rough draft, for sure. I was trying to draw a tree, except I was experimenting with having the top part, the leafy part, be made up of...stuff. Like a tree of life - like, a tree made up of all the things in life. It seemed cooler in my head. But when I went to actually draw it, I couldn't think of any objects worth drawing. I just kept drawing heads and hands. And a ladder. And a horn of some sort. And maybe Donatello's bo staff. I still like the concept in general, but I think I need to work out a few more of the details before I attempt it again!


Dark Knight Rises

7:49 AM

Dude. Have you seen the new Batman movie yet?! You should. It's wonderful.
It made me want to come home and sketch Batman characters. I kind of wish I had drawn a few more in there (how could I leave out Alfred or Joseph Gordon-Levitt?!) but I felt like it would be pushing my luck. I barely managed to make Catwoman and Bane recognizable...I'm not sure I'd be able to draw Commissioner Gordon and Lucius Fox and have anyone be able to tell the difference. I tried to only draw the really distinctive characters. You know, like Batman. He's maybe the easiest superhero to draw ever. You just draw a black blob, give it some pointy ears and something resembling a chin, and you're in business. Anyway, I was happy to see a movie that I enjoyed so much and that I couldn't stop thinking about. Or drawing about.


My Week in Sketches

7:47 AM

This was quite a week! Comic Con was so much fun. It's a little ridiculous how much I love it.
This is me, Comic Con badge in hand!:

 My friend and I spent the night in line...only to be woken up at 2:30 in the morning by Joss Whedon (the director of The Avengers, Buffy, Firefly...) signing autographs for fans. He spent an hour patiently greeting each and every person that wanted to see him, knowing that the majority of the people camping out were there because they were Firefly fans. It was pretty cool, even if it disrupted my sleeping...

We ended up in the 9th row for the Firefly panel and several others...
This was a VERY fun day! 

I got to meet the cast of Fringe on Saturday, which was very exciting to me since it's one of my favorite shows and this is going to be their final season.

Back to real life...but I'm pretty sure all I could think about was Comic Con...

After seeing the cast of Firefly at Comic Con, all it made me want to do was come home
and catch up on some old Firefly episodes...

 Singing and dancing at summer camp! 
Always a good way to wrap up the week.
(I know, I clearly have really cool dance moves...)


Sombrerohhh, snap!

7:50 AM

So....last Saturday, I'm sitting in the Comic Con convention center surrounded by people, many of whom are dressed up in superhero costumes...and then I notice this guy. There's a guy who's "dressed up" wearing a sombrero and a mexican poncho. That was his costume. At Comic Con. (If you're wondering if it was actually a costume or if it was just his outfit - I assure you, it was his idea of a costume. He was wearing a fake mustache made out of black paper.) The best part is that his friends were dressed up as Catwoman, Iron Man, and Thor. So they're all taking pictures together - it's like the Justice League or something, this great team of superheroes - and a guy with a sombrero. My friend and I laughed at this scene for a good long while.

But as I watched him, I couldn't help but wonder which one of us is better off in life...
The guy who has such blind confidence that he can happily wear whatever he wants and not care what anyone thinks? Or the girl that's self-aware enough to know that a sombrero doesn't count as a costume? It's a tough call...but you still won't catch me in a sombrero anytime soon.



7:58 AM

I had to do one more. I couldn't help it. 
Another symptom of Post-Comic-Con-Stress-Disorder:
You assume that everyone is wearing some sort of costume.



7:51 AM

This is one of those things that's probably only funny to me...It's just that at Comic Con, as fun and marvelous as it is, you have to do a lot of waiting. I stood in a lot of lines this weekend. That's just how it is. There's a lot of nerds competing for the same spots in every panel and booth and signing. So we waited. In lines that were (quite literally) a mile long. And we sat. On the ground. For hours. We actually slept in line outside (yes, like crazy people) and it keeps making me think of the scene in "The Count of Monte Cristo" where we find out that Edmond still sleeps on the ground even when he's out of prison, because that's what he was used to after so many years...It's like that. I keep subconsciously thinking to myself, "Hey, it's weird I haven't had to sit on the ground at all today..." Like a crazy person. I'm telling you, it's PCCSD.


Zombie Attack

7:57 AM

This?...I don't know exactly what this is...
I know it was born out of the fact that I was at COMIC CON this weekend, and I kept walking past people dressed as zombies. To be clear, you could say that I don't "get" zombies. I don't understand the fascination. Someone at Comic Con this weekend mentioned that they think "Zombies are the new vampires" (such a Comic Con statement) and it made me giggle to think that people are just moving from one undead monster to the next (watch, next year everyone's going to be really into mummies!) Anyway, zombies scare me. I don't like them. Not one bit. Even at Comic Con, even if it's just a silly costume. I think that, even if someone was just playing around, if they come anywhere near me in a zombie costume, I will not be a good sport. No thank you. And I guess it would go down looking something like this drawing.


My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

 Girls night! Chatting it up with friends on comfy couches:

I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday...We laughed a lot.
I don't know why I drew Laura's head so small...she looks kind of like a muppet.
(In the drawing. Not in real life.)

California Pizza Kitchen is my fave!
I hadn't been there in a long time, and it was good to be back:

On Sunday I started Comic Con preparation, printing schedules and maps and tickets and everything I could possibly think of. It was a result of extreme giddy anticipation.

This is a bird's-eye view of a work meeting I had on Monday.
Any work meeting that takes places on couches is my kind of meeting.

Comic Con is like my favorite holiday. I look forward to it all year.
I go with my friend Alison, and it's a good system because I want to plan ahead for every little detail,
and she likes to have someone else plan out all the little details. It's a great combo.


Comic Con!

7:40 AM

It's Comic Con week! I couldn't be more excited.
I'm keeping this brief because, you know, Comic Con goodness is happening right now!
I'm currently surrounded by adults in superhero costumes. It's amazing.

Mapping Redlands Pt. 2

8:00 AM

I'm still working on the map of Redlands that I started a few weeks ago...
I added little doo-dads and arrows and leaves at the end of a few of the streets. It's still really subtle when I add in the background layer, but I like it a lot. I feel like the doo-dads are what makes this a map that I would have.


Notes to my Younger Self

8:07 AM

This is me talking to my younger self. Maybe eighth grade? Somewhere around there.
I managed to make it through jr. high and high school without anything horrendous happening, or anything I particularly regret...so if I went back in time to advise my younger self, I wouldn't need to give a "Don't get into trouble" speech or something to alter the future. If anything, it'd be more like a "Watch a little less Xena" speech or a "Some shoes shouldn't be worn with shorts" speech or a "Spend less time pretending to be a Spice Girl speech." But I wouldn't listen. Some things just never change, no matter where the advice is coming from...

Carrot Top

7:59 AM

The other day my friend was telling a story about how her grandparents had a funny little bush in their backyard - it was there for years and they never knew what it was - and then one day they finally pulled up the bush and it was a giant carrot! Hearing that story made me want to go home and draw a giant carrot, so I did. I mean, you can't have too many giant-carrot-drawings, right? And I know it's a little cheesy to put the word "Grow" on there (it might as well say "Live, Laugh, Love"...) but it seemed too plain without any text. Without it, it just seemed like "Why did I just draw a big carrot?" These are the things I spend my days thinking about.


My Week in Sketches

7:42 AM

 My week in sketches! 
It was a good, good week. Lots of friends and camp and trucks and fireworks.

 Last Friday I got to have lunch with my mom and dad, which is always a treat:

 I spent last Saturday organizing my newly-all-my-own house that I'm renting.
It might not sound exciting, but it was extremely satisfying to finally get everything in its place.

I went to the evening program for 3rd and 4th graders at camp this Sunday.
Lots of singing and lots of hand motions.

Spent the next night at camp again...
We finished off the evening by lying in a truckbed looking at the stars. Pretty perfect.

Celebrated 4th of July a little early with some homemade pudding pops!
They were frozen in cups instead of popsicle thingies, so they were shaped weird and awesome.

I spent the 4th of July piled in the back of a truck on a hill with my friends and their adorable kids, 
watching the fireworks in the city below.


Buddy Jesus

8:14 AM

Ah, Buddy Christ. I think this concept is from the movie "Dogma", which I actually never saw...but I have heard of Buddy Christ. From what I understand, in the movie, the church is trying to change their image, so they come up with Buddy Christ...a happier, cheerier "mascot" for the Christian faith. It's tongue and cheek of course...but as we were planning our themes and decorations for summer camp this year, I was asked to come up with several images of different ideas of who Jesus is (or who people think he is) and Buddy Christ seemed like a relevant option.

Thumbs up! Wink!


Cartoon Annie

8:06 AM

Cartoon self-portrait!
I decided I wanted to create a cartoon version of myself in Adobe Illustrator, 
and this is what I came up with...it looks like a very excited cartoon version of myself. No matter what I did, I couldn't get my eyes to look less excited. Maybe it's true to life...this is what my excited face will look like a week from today when I leave for Comic Con! I'm so giddy about it, I can barely contain myself. Clearly, my self-portrait here got wind of the fact that there's a lot to be excited about.

Falcon Fans

7:58 AM

As I've mentioned before, one of my assignments at work this summer has been to create a lot of memorabilia for a fake band called "Steel Falcon." It's pretty rad. I've had a lot of fun creating it. Another one of my tasks was to draw four illustrations that demonstrate the different levels of fans' devotion to bands. This was the end result:

The Poser:
(For reference, "Game On" is the hypothetical hit single from the band Steel Falcon...)

The Bandwagon Fan:

The Fan:

The Ultimate Fan:


Broken Internet

7:42 AM

I'm going to break the internet one day. Just a heads up. I'm going to figure out how to break the internet, and then we're all going to go back to living our simple little lives. It's going to be great. Think of how much time we won't waste searching the internet all day! People will have to start writing letters again. Knowledge will be more valuable because you won't be surrounded by people saying "I'll just google it on my phone" all the time. Too much instant gratification.

Okay, okay, I know I'm being a little dramatic.
And yes, I'm writing this on the internet. I'm aware of that irony.
But sometimes I just get a little creeped out by technology. It's too much.
I might move to Wyoming some day. Or Montana. Somewhere naturey.
And I daydream about living in a world without the internet. Or less internet, maybe...
Maybe I'll only break half the internet.

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