Skating Gnome!

7:48 AM

 Awwww, look at this little guy! It's a gnome on a skateboard! How fun is that?!
He's the latest addition to my office's spray-paint wall, and I just love him.
A friend of mine recently gave me a Street Art Stencil Book, since I've been on such a street art kick as of late. The book includes several street art stencils, as well as pictures and info about the different artists that contributed. I dig it! The gnome is probably my favorite, but there are several that I'm excited to put to use. I'm too much of a rule-follower to ever be a true tagger, but if I ever was a vandal, this gnome is the kind of thing that I would paint all over my town. It makes me smile.

 The spray-paint wall, in its current state:
 It reminds me what a fun, creative, street-art-filled year I've had!

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