Pallet Jesuses

7:55 AM

As you're probably aware by now, all of my favorite art projects this year have involved spray paint!
This project was no exception. I was asked to recreate a smaller version of the giant Jesus stencil I painted earlier this year, and then spray paint it onto four different 5' wooden pallets. (I'm telling you, my job has variety!)

I cut the big ol' stencil out of multiple pieces of posterboard:

We actually had someone custom-build the pallets so that there 
wouldn't be gaps where there shouldn't be (like where the words go...)

Spray paint! So fun!

Boom! So cool-looking! I can't take too much credit - I'm more impressed that my boss comes up with this stuff! I made him explain to me like twenty times why he wanted to paint on pallets. I didn't get it. But now that they're done, I think they look awesome!

 And here they are, hanging from the ceiling!:

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  1. Hi Annie,
    These look incredible!!! Love, love, love them.
    Is it OK if I borrow the idea for my church?


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