My Week in Sketches

8:00 AM

My first pool party of summer!
Okay, so maybe it wasn't a "party" as much as it was "four of us and a beach ball" but we had a lot of fun.

Girls weekend! Four friends and I drove up to Big Bear last Friday night. In a minivan. It was awesome. 
So there we are in Big Bear, surrounded by lake and forest and boats and beauty...
...and we stayed in our pajamas and talked all day long, from 8am 'til 4. That's friendship!

 Um, this is me prying open a can of corn with a screwdriver and pliers because I didn't have a can opener:

Tuesday night, I got to watch a camp musical based on the game of Clue! 
It was very cute and charming. The guy who played "Rope" was funny. Oh, camp.

 I also got to hang out with my future roommate this week... 
It was so fun and a good sign of what things will be like in the fall when I have roommates again!

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