My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

My week in sketches!

As  I've mentioned before, my birthday was up at a fire lookout tower and it was such an adventure!

My parents came out on Saturday night to celebrate! It was so fun to see them.

Father's Day! I've had to work on Father's Day for the past 13 years, but I'm grateful that my dad's always been understanding about it...this year, I'm even more grateful that I got to see him!

 My house is so barren! My housemates moved out, so now there isn't anywhere to sit upstairs because they took all their furniture with them! It's weird (but sometimes really fun) to have the place to myself for now.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't ever try to draw my friends - I swear, my friends are so much cuter than in this picture! I tried. Oh, and this is a triple-baby-shower that I attended for my two pregnant friends and one who just had a little boy. It was fun to celebrate them!

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