My Week in Sketches

7:56 AM

 Here's my (very, very full and busy) week in sketches!

 I worked late most days last week, but I made myself leave on time one night to go have dinner with my friends and their kids in the park. We walked to a duck pond. It was just the break I needed.

...And then I worked until 1:30am the next night.
(I promise, I have very healthy work-boundaries 50 weeks out of the year! 
This is just one of those weeks that I needed to work until the work got done.) 

I got to make some cool stencils and spray them on wooden pallets.
It sounds weird, but they turned out SO GREAT! I'll show you. You'll see.

Right before summer camp officially starts each year, we have a set of preview nights where the year-round staff can come and observe the camp programs for the different age groups. Thus began my week of being at camp 24/7. This is us rocking out to the middle school program music:

This is me at the high school camp preview night. It was a fun night for me because I created a lot of artwork and art projects for the program and I finally got to see them put into action!

 At the preteen camp preview night, I was joined by several summer staff "alumni" that I worked with on summer staff 8 years ago. It makes me so happy that we still try to see each other whenever we can. 

The Children's camp preview night was extra-special because I was joined by some extra-special friends (again, camp alumni!) and we got to see a dear friend lead camp for the first time.

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