My Week in Sketches

7:52 AM

This week's excerpts from my daily sketch journal:

I have lots of toddler friends these days. Sometimes we paint:

 This week at work I was given the task of "roughing up" a brand new (but cheap) guitar so that it looked worn and used. This assignment made me giddy and squeamish at the same time. When else am I ever going to do this kind of stuff?

Oh my goodness, I saw the worst movie last week. It's called "Seeker and Fetch." It was painful.
It's a kids movie from redbox, and I watched it with my housemates, and the acting was just sooooo bad, I can't even express how horribly-made this film was...and of course, the kiddos loved it. There was a pig with glasses in the movie, which I think is just about all you need to please those two. 

Friends don't let friends move to Arizona. 
Okay, so maybe they do, but then it's really nice when they come back to visit...

I went to a one-year-old birthday party for my friend, Charlotte:

I got to spend this morning playing on the challenge course at the camp I work at!
Best morning meeting ever.

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