Mapping Redlands

7:57 AM

My first attempt at cartography! 
Okay, so maybe this doesn't seem super "artsy" - but I drew every line myself. IT COUNTS.
I currently live in the mountains near the city of Redlands, California, and soon I will be moving down into Redlands itself. The thing about Redlands is, I get lost all the time. I just can't remember where streets go or the quickest way to get to Panera - even just creating this map, I realized that a ton of the main streets have one name and then they morph into a different street name...No wonder I'm always confused! Brookside becomes Colton, Orange becomes Cajon, Brookside becomes Citrus...Really, folks - who made this up? After creating this map, last night I drove to my hair salon and it was the first time I've ever driven there without getting lost first! I'm not kidding. I've been there a dozen times and I never manage to take a direct route. It's like I get my hair cut in the bermuda triangle of Redlands. But last night I was victorious! The map is already helping! I want to keep working on it, make it a little cooler and artsier, and then I think I need to hang it above my desk and learn these street names. It's about time!

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  1. This looks amazing Annie.
    I want to print a large copy of it when you call it done. It looks 100 times better than any map out there.

  2. That's awesome, Annie!! You are so talented. :)


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