7:51 AM

This is a series of comic-strip-like panels that I designed for's hard to call stuff like this "work."
This was my workstation for this project:
Yeah. You can go ahead and say it. My job is a little bit magical sometimes. 
It was like a little fairy forest art studio for a couple days (in fact, this is just the far corner of my office parking lot so I didn't suffocate my coworkers with spray-paint fumes...) I was tasked with illustrating these images on these six boards, and at first I was a little overwhelmed because I don't love painting and it's always very slow-going for me - until I remembered about spray paint! My new favorite! So I sprayed all the background color first and then drew over it with a sharpie marker. Super-simple! I loved it. And it was nice to have an excuse to be out of the office for a bit. Even if I was still in the parking lot. 

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  1. YOU are the magical, amazing one!! mismom

  2. Oh my gosh can you have a spray paint workshop (or anything workshop) some time with the girls?? You are SO good!!

    1. Thanks, Gwen! Spray paint is a lot of fun...


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