Hold This Feeling

7:43 AM

This past weekend was GLORIOUS. It was so, so wonderful, I can hardly put it into words. (So I guess I'll try to put it into art, eh?) I spent the weekend with 10 friends in a beautiful lake house at Lake Arrowhead. It was amazing. Lake houses are officially my favorite kind of houses. We spent hours lounging on the dock and jumping in and out of the water as we pleased...it was perfect. An absolutely perfect weekend. The kind that deserves to be commemorated somehow, which I suppose is what I was attempting here.

I turn 30 in a few weeks (yowza!) and this weekend getaway was a bit of an early birthday celebration for myself and another friend who turns 30 this summer. I know 30 is supposedly one of those scary birthdays that everyone dreads, but as I was lying peacefully in the sun on the dock, listening to my friends' laughter and the lapping waves, I just kept thinking...if this is what 30 looks like, then I'm going to be fine. It's going to be great. If life could be that sweet for a weekend, then I must have it pretty good. If nothing else, this weekend reminded me of that.

I rediscovered the singer Missy Higgins this weekend, who is a singer that reminds me of this particular group of friends. She's like our theme song. We kept listening to her albums throughout the weekend, and I smiled whenever I heard my favorite line - "Hold this feeling like a newborn, of freedom surging through your veins." Okay, so maybe it's cheesy (and I think the grammar is wrong), but I love it, to think that a moment in life can feel as precious and pure as a little newborn baby. Well this weekend was full of all kinds of newborn-baby-moments, and I treasure them all. 

P.S. I realized in hindsight that it kind of looks like I'm skinny-dipping...not my intention. But a little funny.

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