My Week in Sketches

8:00 AM

My first pool party of summer!
Okay, so maybe it wasn't a "party" as much as it was "four of us and a beach ball" but we had a lot of fun.

Girls weekend! Four friends and I drove up to Big Bear last Friday night. In a minivan. It was awesome. 
So there we are in Big Bear, surrounded by lake and forest and boats and beauty...
...and we stayed in our pajamas and talked all day long, from 8am 'til 4. That's friendship!

 Um, this is me prying open a can of corn with a screwdriver and pliers because I didn't have a can opener:

Tuesday night, I got to watch a camp musical based on the game of Clue! 
It was very cute and charming. The guy who played "Rope" was funny. Oh, camp.

 I also got to hang out with my future roommate this week... 
It was so fun and a good sign of what things will be like in the fall when I have roommates again!

Fairest of Them All

7:57 AM

This is a drawing of me making fun of Kristen Stewart. I saw "Snow White and the Huntsman" last night, and all I could focus on was the fact that Kristen Stewart's Snow White could never be considered "fairest" when compared to Charlize Theron. Charlize wins, hands down! Are you kidding me? She's literally fairest of them all. There's no contest. So if this was real life, the evil queen would totally be fairest of them all and no one would even have to resort to using poison apples or anything...

Mapping Redlands

7:57 AM

My first attempt at cartography! 
Okay, so maybe this doesn't seem super "artsy" - but I drew every line myself. IT COUNTS.
I currently live in the mountains near the city of Redlands, California, and soon I will be moving down into Redlands itself. The thing about Redlands is, I get lost all the time. I just can't remember where streets go or the quickest way to get to Panera - even just creating this map, I realized that a ton of the main streets have one name and then they morph into a different street name...No wonder I'm always confused! Brookside becomes Colton, Orange becomes Cajon, Brookside becomes Citrus...Really, folks - who made this up? After creating this map, last night I drove to my hair salon and it was the first time I've ever driven there without getting lost first! I'm not kidding. I've been there a dozen times and I never manage to take a direct route. It's like I get my hair cut in the bermuda triangle of Redlands. But last night I was victorious! The map is already helping! I want to keep working on it, make it a little cooler and artsier, and then I think I need to hang it above my desk and learn these street names. It's about time!



7:51 AM

This is a series of comic-strip-like panels that I designed for's hard to call stuff like this "work."
This was my workstation for this project:
Yeah. You can go ahead and say it. My job is a little bit magical sometimes. 
It was like a little fairy forest art studio for a couple days (in fact, this is just the far corner of my office parking lot so I didn't suffocate my coworkers with spray-paint fumes...) I was tasked with illustrating these images on these six boards, and at first I was a little overwhelmed because I don't love painting and it's always very slow-going for me - until I remembered about spray paint! My new favorite! So I sprayed all the background color first and then drew over it with a sharpie marker. Super-simple! I loved it. And it was nice to have an excuse to be out of the office for a bit. Even if I was still in the parking lot. 



8:02 AM

Sometimes I wish I could pull the logic out of my brain for just a little while. It's not like "I'm so smart it's a burden" or anything (or anything remotely close to that), but I too often find myself rationalizing things into oblivion and I can't help it. I'm a bit of a realist, a skeptic, and I blame it on what my brain considers to be logic. And sometimes I wish I could turn it off. It sounds so nice, to be able to just hope blindly or go through my day optimistically...without my brain whispering crazy logic into my ear. 

And I know this sounds loony, like I'm trying to get rid of my common sense - it's not that. It's like, rather than saying "Hey, I should give Susie a call," I think "I want to call Susie, but she's an hour ahead so it's later there and she goes to bed earlier than I do but there's still time for us to talk a little bit but I want to talk to her a lot so maybe I'll just call her tomorrow because then we can talk longer, as long as I'm calling her before I leave for my haircut and she might be at the gym because it's a Tuesday but I could leave a voicemail and then she'll call me Wednesday..." I'm not kidding. I really do this. I over-think everything. It's a blessing and a curse. But sometimes, just for a while, it seems like it would be really nice to go without it!


My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

My week in sketches!

As  I've mentioned before, my birthday was up at a fire lookout tower and it was such an adventure!

My parents came out on Saturday night to celebrate! It was so fun to see them.

Father's Day! I've had to work on Father's Day for the past 13 years, but I'm grateful that my dad's always been understanding about it...this year, I'm even more grateful that I got to see him!

 My house is so barren! My housemates moved out, so now there isn't anywhere to sit upstairs because they took all their furniture with them! It's weird (but sometimes really fun) to have the place to myself for now.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't ever try to draw my friends - I swear, my friends are so much cuter than in this picture! I tried. Oh, and this is a triple-baby-shower that I attended for my two pregnant friends and one who just had a little boy. It was fun to celebrate them!

Bike Rainbow

8:04 AM

Bicycle rainbow!
I was just playing around in Photoshop. I drew the bike for another project I was working on, and then I added some colorful stripes to make it more lively. Bicycles are one of the most difficult things for me to draw. I always struggle. So this felt like a bit of a victory!


Pallet Jesuses

7:55 AM

As you're probably aware by now, all of my favorite art projects this year have involved spray paint!
This project was no exception. I was asked to recreate a smaller version of the giant Jesus stencil I painted earlier this year, and then spray paint it onto four different 5' wooden pallets. (I'm telling you, my job has variety!)

I cut the big ol' stencil out of multiple pieces of posterboard:

We actually had someone custom-build the pallets so that there 
wouldn't be gaps where there shouldn't be (like where the words go...)

Spray paint! So fun!

Boom! So cool-looking! I can't take too much credit - I'm more impressed that my boss comes up with this stuff! I made him explain to me like twenty times why he wanted to paint on pallets. I didn't get it. But now that they're done, I think they look awesome!

 And here they are, hanging from the ceiling!:

Real Life + Camp Life...

7:44 AM

I suppose this might be the cheesiest "artwork" ever, but it makes my heart happy.
I work at a camp. And I don't expect people to understand my giddiness about it if they've never been to, and fallen in love with, camp. I worked seven years on summer staff at Forest Home, and those years were glorious. I cannot express how much I loved being on those staffs. Even the hard jobs. Even when I was staying in the worst cabins or working the worst shifts or eating camp stir fry for the tenth week in a row. There was just something about it...I think it has something to do with the combination of adventure and really good people. Throw those two things together, and I'm (forgive me) a happy camper.

I'm moving in the fall, and I'm going to be living with a friend that I met at camp eight years ago.
And for the past five years, I've been living with two friends that I met at camp. 
At some point, we weren't all just camp buddies any more...we became real friends.
And it's when that crossover finally happens, when you finally realize that the summer friendship is actually going to stick...well, that's when it gets good.


7:57 AM

This is just a simple little doodle to commemorate a pretty great night...
My birthday was on Friday, and I spent the evening hanging out with friends at a fire lookout tower in the San Bernardino mountains (that I've drawn here.) It was so fun. We had dinner on the mountaintop, and suddenly an ordinary dinner felt like an adventure!


My Week in Sketches

7:56 AM

 Here's my (very, very full and busy) week in sketches!

 I worked late most days last week, but I made myself leave on time one night to go have dinner with my friends and their kids in the park. We walked to a duck pond. It was just the break I needed.

...And then I worked until 1:30am the next night.
(I promise, I have very healthy work-boundaries 50 weeks out of the year! 
This is just one of those weeks that I needed to work until the work got done.) 

I got to make some cool stencils and spray them on wooden pallets.
It sounds weird, but they turned out SO GREAT! I'll show you. You'll see.

Right before summer camp officially starts each year, we have a set of preview nights where the year-round staff can come and observe the camp programs for the different age groups. Thus began my week of being at camp 24/7. This is us rocking out to the middle school program music:

This is me at the high school camp preview night. It was a fun night for me because I created a lot of artwork and art projects for the program and I finally got to see them put into action!

 At the preteen camp preview night, I was joined by several summer staff "alumni" that I worked with on summer staff 8 years ago. It makes me so happy that we still try to see each other whenever we can. 

The Children's camp preview night was extra-special because I was joined by some extra-special friends (again, camp alumni!) and we got to see a dear friend lead camp for the first time.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

7:56 AM

This is a poster I designed at work a while ago for possible use this summer, and then I forgot about it!
Too many other fun art projects. I'm still glad I made it, though, and I'm sure I can use it as a template for something in the future. Or I'll just keep it the way it is...because I like it.


A Phantom Menace

7:48 AM

I always thought "The Phantom Menace" was kind of a silly name for a Star Wars movie.
Because when I hear "Phantom Menace," I picture something like this.

Paper Homicide

7:43 AM

My office is a MESS right now! I've hole-punched sooooo many things in the last week, there's little paper-holes all over everything. I don't know how they managed to get up on shelves and in drawers and behind things, but I'm sure I will be finding the little devils for months to come. I haven't had time to straighten up my office (or, you know, breathe) in the past few days, so my office still looks like a tornado hit it. Every time I walk in my office door, it makes me think of a crime scene. Except the victim was paper. And then I picture the paper detectives coming to look for evidence...but I'm sure I'll be in Mexico with the ransom money by then.


Talking About Listening

7:55 AM

I was just looking through an old sketchbook and found this drawing from last year...I don't think I ever posted it. Sometimes I have hypothetical conversations with Jesus in my head and it looks something like this. I do a lot more whining than I ought to. And let's not forget that talking about listening is not quite the same as actually listening...


My Week in Sketches

7:43 AM

My friends installed fans in their backyard pergola.
It was more exciting than it looks. I'll be spending a lot of time under those fans!

Early birthday celebration weekend in Lake Arrowhead!
We went out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, which ended in fried-ice-cream-glory:

This Saturday was such a good day, I felt like I couldn't sum it up with just one doodle!
I wanted to remember the sunshine and the dock, the epic ping-pong rallies, the amazing burgers, the catwalk that led to the bedroom I stayed in, and the dear, sweet scrapbook I was given by my dear, sweet friends...

This is me soaking up the sun and enjoying Lake Arrowhead for a few more precious hours 
before I headed home to begin the two most stressful weeks of my year:

 ...And back to reality.
This is me, realizing "Hey, it's 8pm. I should leave work pretty soon and go home."

You know my life is consumed with work when all I can think of to doodle for the day 
is me organizing a giant pile of binders:

So, as I've mentioned before, I've been doing a lot of artwork for a pretend band called "Steel Falcon."
This is a doodle of me showing my boss (for the first time) all the fake album covers I'd completed. 
It made me so happy that he was as giddy as I am about it.


Skating Gnome!

7:48 AM

 Awwww, look at this little guy! It's a gnome on a skateboard! How fun is that?!
He's the latest addition to my office's spray-paint wall, and I just love him.
A friend of mine recently gave me a Street Art Stencil Book, since I've been on such a street art kick as of late. The book includes several street art stencils, as well as pictures and info about the different artists that contributed. I dig it! The gnome is probably my favorite, but there are several that I'm excited to put to use. I'm too much of a rule-follower to ever be a true tagger, but if I ever was a vandal, this gnome is the kind of thing that I would paint all over my town. It makes me smile.

 The spray-paint wall, in its current state:
 It reminds me what a fun, creative, street-art-filled year I've had!

Hold This Feeling

7:43 AM

This past weekend was GLORIOUS. It was so, so wonderful, I can hardly put it into words. (So I guess I'll try to put it into art, eh?) I spent the weekend with 10 friends in a beautiful lake house at Lake Arrowhead. It was amazing. Lake houses are officially my favorite kind of houses. We spent hours lounging on the dock and jumping in and out of the water as we was perfect. An absolutely perfect weekend. The kind that deserves to be commemorated somehow, which I suppose is what I was attempting here.

I turn 30 in a few weeks (yowza!) and this weekend getaway was a bit of an early birthday celebration for myself and another friend who turns 30 this summer. I know 30 is supposedly one of those scary birthdays that everyone dreads, but as I was lying peacefully in the sun on the dock, listening to my friends' laughter and the lapping waves, I just kept thinking...if this is what 30 looks like, then I'm going to be fine. It's going to be great. If life could be that sweet for a weekend, then I must have it pretty good. If nothing else, this weekend reminded me of that.

I rediscovered the singer Missy Higgins this weekend, who is a singer that reminds me of this particular group of friends. She's like our theme song. We kept listening to her albums throughout the weekend, and I smiled whenever I heard my favorite line - "Hold this feeling like a newborn, of freedom surging through your veins." Okay, so maybe it's cheesy (and I think the grammar is wrong), but I love it, to think that a moment in life can feel as precious and pure as a little newborn baby. Well this weekend was full of all kinds of newborn-baby-moments, and I treasure them all. 

P.S. I realized in hindsight that it kind of looks like I'm skinny-dipping...not my intention. But a little funny.

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